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Present a slice of life

One of the most effective ways to make a commercial is to present a slice of life. One actor tells another about a problem she has. She should describe it in a way that helps the audience identify with the problem. It’s a problem they have, too.

The second actor offers the advertiser’s product or service as the solution.

The slice of life approach works great for TV and radio.
In fact, it’s the basis of about half of TV commercials.

Also use the slice of life in print. Show a photo of someone who looks like your customers (or the way your customers would LIKE to look). The headline should state the problem. Have the copy tell a story–a slice of life.

The slice of life works even better if it is true. When a customer tells you a story about how she solved a problem with your product or service, make detailed notes. Use her experience later in an ad.

To make the story even more effective, include the actual customer in the ad.

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