Pick a winning company, and make it work for you

Well, you’ve heard it all haven’t you ?? Headlines screaming with promised riches, group meetings that pump you up with music and hype, people telling you over and over again that this one is different ! How in heck do you sort through it all ? Network marketing is a jungle ! In fact, there are over 27,000 network marketing businesses in the world. Many of these companies will fold with in their first 2 years in business.

The hard reality is that only a measily 1% of network marketers ever make the big time ! WOW ! Still wanna leave that “9-5” 😉 Wouldn’t you like to increase the odds in your favor ?
It is true…. you CAN. But it is not going to be easy ! Simple yes, but not always easy!

OK, let us look first at the “COMPANY”. Experts within the industry have given us some landmarks to go by when choosing the right company. You need to find a company that has reached the “benchmark” of at least $50 million in sales in one calendar year. But that’s not all! You also want a company that is not done growing. In other words, you want a business that is in it’s “pre-momentum phase” of development. This is the stage when it is steadily increasing in growth, but it hasn’t reached “the masses” yet. Here’s a litmus test for you. Go out in your neighborhood and ask 20 strangers if they have heard of your company yet. If one or less has, you may be on to something.

Network marketing.

Now, let’s look at the products. The most successful of the network marketing companies have a consumable product. One that is used and loved and people want more. The product should also have a uniqueness to it. The best products are new, in demand, high impact (immediate results) products that are priced reasonably. Even better, the products should have an emotional appeal. (youth and vitality, health, and weight loss products fall into this category) Now, if the company you are looking at has all of these, there are a few more factors you should look at. One of the most important features, for me, is the dynamics of the team I will be working with. Interview the people who are trying to recruit you? Do you like them ? Are they positive? Inspirational? Are they more experienced than you are? And if not, do they add skills that will round out what you bring to the table. Do they have the information you need, and if not, do they get back to you with the answer right away ? Do they keep scheduled appointments with you and are they punctual? These things are important, because they tell you a lot about what your working relationship will be like.

Now…here’s the crunch….what are YOU prepared to bring to your own business?

You need to be prepared to learn a new business. You need to have “bounce-back-ability”. You need to see your future so clearly, that nobody can take you off your chosen path.

Make no mistake about it, you DO have to do SOMETHING !

Now, if someone tells you that you can make money/do nothing you need to RUN… fast, in the other direction. We all know that is not reality.
First, you need to talk to people then you have to sell something. Yes you do ! Network marketing is just that! Let’s break it down.

“network” (talk to people) and “marketing” (sell something) This may go against what everybody has told you, but it’s a fact. The thing is, if ALL of the other things are in place, then it makes your “job” easier. If you have a team that can teach you, and help you refocus through the tough times, if you have a product that people can get passionate about, if you have a company that you can be proud of, then, just add YOU. The final ingredient in your “success recipe”.

About the author
Shelley Penney is a network marketing and internet marketing specialist with 7 years in the field. She is currently mentoring a small group of people to achieve financial freedom from home. If you would like to be part of her group, please go to and fill out the form for consideration.