Performance chaser or business builder?

Having worked in investments for many years, “performance chasers” are those people or investment managers who are always looking for the “hottest stock” that will get them the most bang for the buck now. There’s nothing wrong with optimizing performance, but they lose site of long-term investment goals. You know.. the tortoise and the hare sydrome.

The same applies to business. Are you looking only to make the most sales now or are you taking the long-term approach to where you want your business to be? Are you truly taking your customers needs to heart or are you only looking to sell them the latest and greatest? Are you looking to build a loyal, long-term customer base or to make the most money you can now?

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Miracle on 34th Street where the customer is in Macy’s and can’t find what she needs. Macy’s doesn’t have the item and sends her over to Gimbel’s. The customer is shocked that in this day of age of materialism (yes they thought that back in the 1940’s, too), that a store would make sure her needs were met first instead of trying to sell her something she didn’t need or want. As a result, you know she’ll become a loyal customer of Macy’s.

I’ve worked for “performance chasers” and I’ve worked for business builders. The performance chaser could have had an incredible business, but because of his lack of long-term vision for his clients, his customers were like a revolving door. Too bad, too, because they were very high-net worth people.

The business builder created and nurtured solid relationships over the years and had only his customers needs at heart first and foremost. His integrity, sincerity, honesty is truly genuine. In times of stock-market ups and downs, he never lost a client. He never chased performance.

I choose to model my company from the latter. I would rather be here 5, 10, 15 years from now knowing that I took the time to build my business based on trust, integrity and honesty. My customers know that I place their needs first before profit and therefore, they remain loyal to me as I remain loyal to them.

How about you? Are you a performance-chaser or business builder?

To Your Success!
Patty Gale
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Patty Gale is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in personalization and customer care for all her clients. She exchanged her suits, hose and heels for working at home in her “jammies” and is on a mission to empower other women to do the same. She can be reached at: