Offer a personal explanation

The biggest reason people don’t buy is they don’t understand enough about what you’re selling. One way to get passed this hurdle, ESPECIALLY for expensive products or services, is to provide a one-on-one info session with the prospect.

Invite prospects to come in for a one hour, no pressure, no purchase expected information session. Sit down with them, listen to all their concerns, answer each one taking as much time as needed.

Not every prospect will be willing to commit the time. Not all will trust you aren’t going to put them over a barrel (like those free weekend condo guys who won’t leave you alone about purchasing a timeshare.)

On the other hand, getting to the bottom of all your prospect’s concerns and questions right from the start can vastly reduce the time it takes to get a sale and ultimately increase the number or sales you make.

Just as important, people who are willing to spend one-on-one time with us, who know a subject and are ready to share their knowledge, are the people we trust and admire most.

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