4 steps to network marketing success

It is a sad fact that 92% of the people who join a network marketing opportunity fail. But why so many? When you’ve got a solid business model, expert training, proven products and the commitment to follow through, how could failure be an option?

The answer is simple. Not all network marketing companies offer those things. Consequently, their affiliates fail.

In order to be part of the 8% who do succeed with network marketing, follow these 4 guidelines:

1) Training – What happens when untrained people train new affiliates? You have a bunch of untrained affiliates running around making a big mess.

Don’t view training the way you did your high school algebra class; as something that you would never use in real life. First of all, make sure that your trainer knows what he/she is talking about. If they don’t, request a new trainer. Then listen, understand, and put what you learned into action.

2) Products – Your success stems on how good and how affordable your company’s products are. Ask yourself if the company offers products people need, and whether the same products can be purchased at Walmart for a fraction of the price. Would you buy the products if you were your customers? If not, find a new company.

3) Upline – Your upline can be a tremendous help to your business, so know your sponsor before you sign up. If your sponsor turns out to be unhelpful, it might not kill your business, but it would sure help to have a sponsor you can rely on.

4) Commitment – Most network marketing companies claim that you can get rich quick, but don’t count on it. When you aren’t a millionaire overnight, or even after a couple of years, don’t get discouraged. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the people who get involved in network marketing are overnight successes. Real success in network marketing requires commitment and perseverance, so give it time.

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