Myths about people living on welfare can be harmful

There are a lot of misconceptions about living on welfare, and many of these misconceptions make it that much harder for the people who have to use welfare as their main source of income to live. The most erroneous false statement that is generally made about welfare is just that people who are living on welfare can just “go find a job”. This sounds like it might work – until you look at the demographic that is generally found on welfare. Poor single mothers are a good portion of the people who are living on welfare, and there are some very real barriers to finding jobs.

For instance, if there are no childcare services offered wherever these single mothers want to work, then it is unlikely that they will be able to work at all. Childcare services are expensive, and most workdays last far longer than a school day. Therefore most of these single mothers are left with living on welfare as their best choice.

Another welfare myth is simply that people end up on welfare because they do not know how to deal with money. This is not actually true at all – most people end up on welfare because they are not making enough money with their job. There are many people who are on welfare who had been working forty to fifty hour weeks – but at minimum wage, that is not enough money to live on for a small family.

This is probably the worst welfare myth, since it allows people to pretend that welfare is not actually needed, despite the facts that show that it is. These negative ideas about welfare also make it harder for those people who are living on welfare to actually get by. If it is difficult to buy what is needed, then welfare recipients are often told to “get off of welfare” rather than given advice on how they might improve their quality of life.

The easiest way to help people who are living on welfare is to know what you’re talking about before making blanket statements about welfare recipients. While it might seem unnecessary at first, it’s important to realize that many people who are on welfare really do need it to survive. Additionally, myths about welfare can actually have a direct detrimental effect on the lives of those who are on welfare.