More on MLM lead generation

A few more brief comments on MLM lead generation….

  1. The quality of the lead source is only one factor…..important but not as much a contibutor as “you”. You are the determiner of the real success with any lead source. That’s why peoples experiences vary so much.
  2. Success with leads is most about numbers, time, & “you”. Sufficient numbers, followed consistently over time (minimum of 6 months), & applying a disciplined method of follow-up will show results with most any lead source.
  3. A quality generic lead source is a good thing (must be pre-qualified, 48 hrs old or less, non-shared, & exclusive to warrant quality label). Company generated specific leads are a better “good thing”. Generating quality leads yourself is the best “good thing”. Doing all 3 is the “really best good thing”. Everything else is a waste.

I’m sorry but comments like “I tried a batch & they didn’t work” (insufficient numbers & time)…..”they sucked” (absent detail on your contact/follow-up method, numbers & time)…..etc. don’t really support a position very well.

Understand that there really are only a very few legit quality lead sources (private generators not available to general public) that all the quality leads programs use to some extent. Plus the quality leads programs will also generate their own leads too as a major part of their “program”…..AND give you the ability to do the same thing. So actually there’s not a lot of difference between the top lead programs….and there are very few of them.

The others are just knock offs buying the leads from wherever they can get them at the lowest cost possible….and/or creating their own co-registration leads (folks who “sign-up” for some kind of a freebie or a contest) then reselling them to you…..pure junk.

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t make it good. Just because it costs more doesn’t make it bad. Cost is relative to each individual when all “you” factors discussed in my article “What’s The Straight Scoop On MLM Leads Programs?” are present & functioning effectively.

Herein lies your first business decision when it comes to leads. Do you buy them from a quality source (generic &/or company specific….financial cost but saves you time & effort of generating them yourself)…..or do you generate your own (invest time & effort but lower your financial cost).

Your choice based soley on what’s best for you.

And remember…you CAN do both.

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