Maximizing your yellow page investment

Yellow Page users are the hottest of all prospects – someone who has made the decision to buy, and now is looking for a place to do it. Does your ad convince them that your business is that place?

It doesn’t have to be the biggest, although that can certainly help. And if you do it right, it won’t even matter if your business is listed first. What matters is that your ad is the most persuasive.

“But, Lisa!” you’re saying in your most shocked whisper, “Everybody knows that the first listing in a category gets the most response! That’s why so many business names start with ‘A.’”

Well, yeah, if I’m faced with a list of indistinguishable company names, I’ll just go with the first one I see. And 99% of all Yellow Page ads seem to have the company name as their headline.

The yellow pages

But your business may be better than the one that starts with “A.” So why don’t you tell me that? Move your company name to the bottom, beside your phone number, and greet me with a bold headline telling me just what’s so great about you. Invest in a few lines of copy (get rid of the photo of your store if you have to – I don’t really care about it, anyway) that prove you can deliver on some great promises.

Did you know that making those changes can increase your response by 600%? Yes, really. That beats having an “A” name any day!

About the author
Lisa Packer, author of “How To Dramatically Increase Your Business… Without A Blockbuster Budget” and “7 Ways To Get A Pay Raise From Your Web Site” is an independent Copywriter and Marketing Consultant. Find out how to get these two reports, plus more helpful articles like the one you just read at Dramatic Copy: The Right Words Make A Dramatic Difference.