Marketing your reputation

When we talk about marketing and advertising we usually discuss ezines, TV ads, newspapers, search engines and the like. But none of these are nearly as important or powerful a marketing tool as your reputation.

If you run a great business or do fine work and everyone knows and appreciates it, you’re on the right track. On the other hand, you don’t have to settle with just any old reputation you end up with. Smart businesses set out to purposely build a specific planned-in-advance reputation.

Decide what rep you want people to know you buy. Are you a top expert with ready answers, honest in an industry that is often less than honest, speedy among competitors that aren’t?

Pick a reputation that makes a difference to customers. If everyone has low prices, stress your high quality. If all yourcompetitors are bad at answering email, make quick response your known reputation.

Advertise your reputation in all your marketing. Make it a headline on your web site. Put your reputation statement on your business card. Then follow through to back up yourreputation and prove you deserve it.

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