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Marketing with postcards

To be successful, your marketing plan needs to have two essential things. First, it must get attention. If it doesn’t catch people’s eye, it’s not going to work, period. Second, it must be cheap enough for the long haul. If your marketing is too expensive, your profits will feel the pinch.

Using postcards is an effective marketing strategy that is both affordable and attention-grabbing. Because a postcard doesn’t need an envelope, your message has a head start at getting attention–it’s in your customer’s face right off the bat. Today’s bright, full color postcards practically jump out of your prospect’s stack of mail.

Postcards are far cheaper to send than regular mail. You can make small, targeted postcard campaigns and get the same results as an expensive print or broadcast campaign might bring.

Your postcard’s main message needs to be simple and direct. If your message is too long or seems too complicated, your postcard will end up in the trash. Your card might double as a coupon, thank customers for purchases, advertise a sale, or simply remind people you’re still there. Whatever you do, don’t try to pile too much information on one postcard–focus on one objective.

When writing your postcard, start with a great headline. Begin with an action word. Promise a main benefit customers will get when they buy from you. Cut out extra words.

Headlines work best when they are black, bold type on a white background. White on a dark background works well, too. Avoid colored type. It can easily blend into the background, giving your headline less impact.

Use a full-color photo to make your postcard look more impressive and stand out from the other mail. That used to be expensive, but now online suppliers can give you a vast catalogue of stock photos to choose from at a low price. Choose a photo that people who buy from you might identify with or find amusing.

You can even send a series of cards. For example, your floral shop might first send a postcard to addresses in the neighborhood letting people know you’re open for business. Next, try sending a second postcard advertising a sale or special item.

When you target consumers, consider these ways of categorizing your audience: where they are located, what they do for a living, family size, income range, ages, men or women, how much education they have, and the lifestyle they embrace. Targeting your audience will get you better response and more bang for your advertising buck.

Cheap, effective postcards are a great way for a very small business to gradually build its customer base and sales. Postcards are also a good way to augment a larger company’s print and broadcast campaigns. By following these simple tips, you can insure your postcard gets noticed and brings results.

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