Market with fast turnaround and helpful problem solving

This week I got an order from a previous customer. He said I decided to buy from you again because you have great turnaround. On his previous order, we had his sales letter written and ready for him the next day. This in an industry that often makes people wait weeks to get their order.

No question, in our hurried world, few things please customers like fast turnaround. Deliver fast and many customers will choose you over your competitors.

State your turnaround time in your marketing materials. If you can do the job fast, say so loud and often.

Recently I was looking for an item online. One web site said they could get it to me via FedEx within two days. Another site said they also used FedEx, but it would take them 3 to 5 days to get the item ready for shipment. Even though I was in no hurry to get the item, I picked the one that could deliver faster.

Even more than fast turnaround, customers crave helpful problem solving. Most customers want to understand your product or service better before they buy. Some get frustrated while ordering. Others feel something is wrong with the product once it is delivered.

Help customers solve these problems. Let them know you are there to help them and it is easy to reach you. These days when customers are frustrated with companies that keep them on hold or never respond to email, your helpful problem solving will make you a favorite.

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