Manage your time and manage stress

You must have seen long and thick books on management, containing all sorts of management theories. I wish to ask you one question. What is theory after all? Let me provide you with the answer as well! Theory is other man’s experience. It is certainly not a divine revelation.

Stress is the outcome of confusion. Confusion and fear somewhere. When a series of such confusions are compounded, they take the form of stress! And once you begin to work with the level of stress within you, your output and disposition can never be perfect.

God has created 24 hours in a day for valid reasons. He is impartial in this regard, whether you are the King, or an orderly in some office, you have just 24 hours. You have to manage your daily life within this allotted time. If you complain that I hardly get time for this and that, obviously it means that you lack discipline, you do not know what is time management.

One thing is very clear. When you are in stress, you can never understand to perfection, what is time management. Conversely, when you k now what is time management, your level of stress will come down drastically, if not disappear altogether!

Time and stress are not friends. They are competitors. Don’t underestimate or undervalue yourself that you are responsible for your stress. At times, there are many external factors, over which you have no control, that are responsible for your stress. Sorry, it could be your nagging wife. Your extra strict boss. The train that always arrives late and thus creating problems for you to reach the office in time. Your refused leave. Your inability to deal with the rising prices and falling level of income.

Woman holding fingers to her temples with the word "stress" written all over the background

Don’t you ever feel powerless. They say great deeds are done when men (also women) and mountains meet. The greatest difficulties bring out the best in you. Against all odds, you have to manage your time, beat the stress and initiate the process of self-improvement in right earnest.

You need to do a great thing now. For this, instruct your mind with all the positive strength at your command, that it has to behave like a gentleman for the next half an hour or so. Now, within these minutes, you need to charter the future course of your life.

Know your duties and responsibilities,that you are capable of doing in the time-frame that you are going to chalk out for you. Have no confusion or regret, if you can not do certain things. Allot time to the duties that you are going to perform, with the error margin of 5%. Review the time table after about a week. And try to rectify the shortcomings. If you pursue this properly, stress will shake hands with time, and will beg for an escape outlet.

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