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Make your fortune helping others

With interest rates at near-record lows, many would-be homeowners are dreaming about buying their first homes. At the same time, more and more current homeowners are upgrading to larger, nicer homes while it’s affordable.

Unfortunately, even with rates so great right now, many first- time buyers and current homeowners alike are finding that their dreams are still out of reach. Because of low income or credit troubles, many people feel they simply cannot get the home they want. But could they be wrong?

The truth is that these days, almost anyone with a household income of $40,000 or more can qualify for home ownership. Even those who have been turned down for a credit card may be able to qualify for a mortgage. But how?

The answer lies in non-traditional or creative financing, and there are many companies out there willing to take certain risks on would-be homeowners, as long as they have a steady, adequate income.

These businesses are also offering wealth-creating opportunities for others who may already own homes, but want to help other people achieve the same goal. The money-making opportunity lies in referring potential homeowners to these companies in an affiliate program. This benefits the affiliates in two ways: 1) By offering others the chance to access the American dream of “new home” ownership and 2) By sharing the program with others.

Participants in these programs do not need a mortgage license, real estate training, or other special experience. Often, the companies already have marketing methods in place that do most of the work. For example, FGG (Financial Gifts Galore) has set up a hotline that referred prospects can call and get all the information they need. Their reps give out the number, and the phone call does the rest.

Affiliates for these companies can also make handsome commissions for their referrals, earning up to 90% commission plus bonuses.

About the author
Author David Rauschuber is a representative for FGG. FGG is eager to help those who want to own homes get qualified, no matter their circumstances. Affiliates earn 90% commissions, plus $500 and $1500 bonuses for successful referrals. Those who partner with FGG help others while earning a substantial income.
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