Make you profit margin miles wider, online or off

If you’re a small or medium-sized retail outlet, struggling to make a profit online or off, you have most certainly wondered to yourself from time to time about the kinds of prices your wholesalers or dropshippers must be getting from their sources in China and elsewhere. After all, they’re making money, too, or they wouldn’t be in the business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same prices they’re getting, expanding your profit margin that much more, without buying huge quantities?

Wholesalers’ and dropshippers’ profit margins may be a lot wider than you might think, since they are often buying the products they sell to retailers (often from China) at mere PENNIES.

Many small retailers (even eBay sellers) don’t really know about the ridiculously low the prices their wholesalers or dropshippers are paying, but when they find out, the result is always the same: first the shock, then the question, “how can I do it?”

Hands holding a big black sign saying: What's your price?

Believe it or not, there is a way for even very small retailers to skip their wholesalers and dropshippers, and negotiate the same prices on items that their suppliers had been getting all along. They’re always shocked at how cheap they can buy things, and what a huge profit margin they can make just by cutting out the wholesalers…a step they thought they would always have to take. And, they can negotiate these prices without having to buy outlandish quantities.

An expert can show any retailer, large or small, online or off, exactly how they can negotiate ridiculously low prices on the items they sell, even on reasonably small quantities. Even knowing how much their wholesalers typically pay for items from their suppliers overseas can give the retailer a helpful and important edge when negotiating wholesale prices.

If you’re a small retailer, online merchant, or eBay seller who would like to expand your profit margins to amounts you didn’t think were possible, just look for an expert to show you the ropes. In no time, you could be making better profits than ever before.

About the author
Author Sigurd Helland is the author of the ebook, “Message to All Retailers – On and Off Ebay.” The book clearly explains how even very small retailers can negotiate the same prices their wholesalers pay, and gives them all the tools they need. The book also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and FREE bonus ebooks. For more information or to order, visit