How to introduce a new product or service

Nothing boosts sales faster than effectively introducing a great new product or service. If you do it right, the move can stir up excitement and sales for months to come.

  1. Point your marketing to prospects who are sitting on the fence. Don’t worry about people who you know will be jumping up and down to buy your new product the moment it comes out. Also don’t waste time on those who have zero interest. Instead, go after that huge and fascinating audience that could fall in love with your new offer if only they were told why they should.
  2. Show confidence and enthusiasm in what makes your product or service an improvement over what customers have been buying.
  3. Use quotes from the first few people who venture to buy.
    Also try to line up testimonials from known industry insiders who can show your product is accepted by people in your field.
  4. Finally, spend half your marketing budget in the first three months. You want to send off your new development with plenty of marketing. Then spend 50 percent of your budget keeping your marketing visible for the rest of the year.
Marketing budget

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