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Insurance doesen’t have to be complicated

Insurance is a complicated issue. Many believe that disability and life insurance are especially difficult to understand and navigateā€¦not to mention getting reliable quotes without hearing a sales pitch.

We’ve all gone through the red tape and hassle of trying to get insurance quotes from several companies to compare rates. Needless to say, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Not only that, but you’re usually required to give out personal information to get the quote, and wind up being bothered by agents trying to sign you up.

But now, with the Internet changing the way people get information and shop for things like insurance, there are new innovations that allow for anonymous insurance shopping, as well as free advice and information.

For example, sites like offer great information about disability insurance, as well as telephone and email support on the issue and all its variables. Visitors can find out all they need to know about types of disability insurance, why they might need it, and where to get it, all without calling around to local agents and being tied up on the phone.

At, you can shop for life insurance 100% anonymously. You can get quotes from many different companies at once, and never have to give out personal information in the process. This means no more follow-up phone calls or junk mail from agents who want your business. Shop for policies, pick the one you want, then contact only your chosen agency.

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to have ample disability and life insurance to protect yourself and your family. And thanks to the Internet, getting both has become far easier than it has ever been.

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Author Neil Willner is CEO of both and Both offer easy solutions to your most difficult insurance issues. For more about disability insurance, check out For no-hassle, anonymous life insurance quotes, visit