Credit Cards

Instant credit card

Some companies offer visitors a chance to apply for instant credit cards at their Website. You simply fill out an online application and submit it over a secured server. Your application will be evaluated and you will receive a reply almost instantly, stating whether you have been approved or denied.

This is a convenient service which lets you know if you have been qualified instantly, rather than having to wait for a long period of time. When looking for an instant credit card, there is a wide variety available online. The Internet also allows you to compare offers from many different companies such as:

  • American express
  • Discovery
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Capital One

All in one place. You can get unbiased comparisons from certain websites so you are not affected by the hype from the issuing company. This helps you make a more informed decision on which instant credit card to apply for.

Credit card issuers have been looking to make it easier for people to apply for their cards. Many websites will provide an instant response to an application. Usually this can take up to 60 seconds depending on the Website traffic. More and more websites are turning to instant credit card approvals.

Credit card close-up

Usually selected cards will only provide instant approval is you have good to excellent credit. Some instant credit cards aimed at people with bad credit may make exceptions.

Here are a few instant credit cards you can apply for:

  • American Express Rewards Gold Card
  • Citi Platinum Card
  • The GM Card.

Usually a card will state the kind of credit is required for approval. You can check your credit ratings by getting a copy of your credit report from a credit-reporting bureau. Under some circumstances you may even be entitle to receive a free copy of your credit report. Once you know your FICO score, you can make a better decision as to which instant credit cards you may be eligible for.

After you application has been approved, it may still take some time, such as 10 to14 days, for the card to arrive in the mail. It will usually require activation before you can begin using it.