Include step-by-step details

Prospects and customers love it when you give them step-by-step directions. Your sales will soar when your marketing materials tell customers what you want them to do. Tell them HOW you want them to do it. Never leave your customer asking “what do I do next?”

A large segment of customers will buy when you headline with “Step-by-Step Details that show anyone how to do this easily.”
If you can, keep your list of steps down to three to five. Ten and 20-step lists can be intimidating.

This strategy also works with a slightly different twist. Give customers a step-by-step list of exactly what YOU will do when providing your service or delivering a product.

This sets many customers at ease, giving them confidence they will get a good value from their purchase. It also greatly reduces the number of questions you have to answer via email and over the phone.

Insure customers you are there to help them as they follow your list of to-do’s. Provide an email address or phone number where they can get information quickly. Also point them to a spot on your website that steps them through the process and includes stories of how other customers successfully used the process.

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