How to improve on your cold calls

If you are a sales person at some point of your career, you may well have had made a cold call. Whether you are ringing new clients, gaining referrals, chasing leads, or networking, not all sales persons are that comfortable with it.

If you can make a cold call with that confidence and professionalism you can open up more potential business for you. This will also help you to feel more in control of your own destiny and much more empowered. This is why cold calling is considered as an important aspect for gaining new business ventures. Here are some simple steps which will explain how to improve on your cold calls.

Plan and prepare your opening statement

An opening statement is an important part you should master to improve your cold calls. To make a good opening statement you have to plan and prepare before you make a call. A perfect opening statement must have an introduction; tell the services provided by you; and the benefits available to the client. When you are making a cold call make sure that the benefits you explain to the client are really benefits and are relevant to the person you are talking to. Keep in mind that when you make a cold call with a question about what their needs are, the potential clients will respond much more readily to your calls.

Focus on the pace, pitch and tone

One of the important factor to improve your cold calls is to practice delivery focusing on pace, pitch and your tone. It is better to think positively about the outcome when you make a cold call. This helps you to talk freely with your client in a good pace, pitch and tone. Remember that you are marketing your product or gaining new business through phone calls. Hence your style of presentation, pitch and tone matters a lot.

Focus on your cold call pitch

Plan and prepare relevant questions

Questions and client interactions are important factors which determine the success of cold calls. If you are a good sales person you have to plan and prepare good questions before making cold calls. While asking questions to your client make sure that the questions are good to focus the client’s attention on something which they would like to think about. For example you can ask question like, “Have you ever had any difficulties…?” or “How do you currently…?”

Have your support tools to hand

One of the main things a sales person must keep in mind is that before making a cold call you have to keep all your support tools to hand. That it, during a cold call sometimes you need to note down a number or an address or any such thing from a client. It is not a good way to tell your client to wait for you to fetch a paper or pen. So make sure that you have your dairy, paper, notes and pens in your hand when making a cold call.

Set clear objectives for your session

It is seen that most sales persons make cold calls without any objective or goals. This is a pure waste of time. To improve on your cold calls you have to set an objective or goals. Hence before making a cold call set realistic objectives and goals and stick on them. This helps you to improve yourself and attain your desired goals.

These are some of the best ways you can adopt to improve on your cold calls. It is better to practice this and set a clear objective before you make a cold call. An ideal cold call with that confidence and professionalism will help you to open up more potential business and attain success in your business.