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How to tell if a business opportunity is good

The Internet is giving us an unprecedented opportunity to earn money without spending much to get started. As a result, thousands of business opportunities you can work online have sprung up.

How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones and outright scams? After writing copy, doing web site analyses, and putting out press releases for a great many business opportunities, we’ve developed these criteria.

I could be wrong, but I’ve never found a way to get rich doing nothing. Look at the real money-makers in any organization and you’ll find people who work hard and are persistent and organized. Look for a firm that not only tells you their program will take work, but is willing to help you work smartly.

Take time to look at the true product the business is selling. It could be household items, promotion tools, or even just the excitement of starting a business. Do a little research to find out who would buy the product. Does the product solve a pressing need that a sizable group of people have? The target group should want the product, have the money to buy it, and they should be easy to reach with marketing methods you can afford to use over and over.

The failure rate of new business opportunities is very high. While there are always excellent new programs, be aware that there are also a few established firms who have been around for a decade or more. Consider the consequences of going with a program that may leave you out in the cold within a few months. All your work can be wasted.

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