Discover how to jump start your MLM sales

Many experienced network marketers have had periods in their businesses when sales were a little flat.

It isn’t uncommon to need an occasional jump start to get your sales machine running smoothly again.

If you are in need of a sales boost, here are a few things to ask yourself.

1. Who is my strategic business partner?

If you haven’t already, find a strategic business partner. It could be your upline, business partner, friend in your business, etc. It’s important to look for someone that has the same objectives you do. You can trade leads, share marketing information, sell package deals, etc.

2. When is the last time I brainstormed new ideas?

Remember to take a little time out of your day or week to brainstorm. New ideas are usually the difference between success and failure. Sometimes one idea is all it takes to jump start your sales.

Illustration of a brainstorming session.

3. What network marketing leaders do I admire?

Modeling and copying other network marketers in your company who constantly have success in getting personal customers. Practice some of the same habits that have made them succeed. If you don’t know or you’re not sure, ask them for help.

4. Am I willing to take calculated risks?

Take calculated risks to improve your business. Some network marketers don’t want to advertise–unless it’s free. Sometimes you have to spend money to get results.

5. Is the ad copy that I’m using emotional?

Anytime you write marketing materials try to include emotional words in your advertisements. Use words like love, security, relief, freedom, happy, satisfaction, fun, etc. If your company provides sales/marketing materials, look for “emotional” words in them.

6. Am I willing to seek out other people’s opinions to improve my sales?

Ask people you trust to review your ads, your Web site, your sales brochures, etc. Many people like giving their opinions. You can use the comments you get to make changes and improve your marketing campaign. Plus, you might turn the reviewer into a customer or recruit.

7. Can I be more creative with how I package my products or services?

Combine a product and service together in a package deal. It could increase your sales. For example, if you’re selling a wellness product, sell a 30-minute personal consultation with it.

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