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How to call radio talk shows

Just about every city has several radio talk shows. Many feature programs covering all kinds of community and business issues.

Get on these shows from time to time and thousands of people will know about you. You might even be able to slip in your business name so the audience knows where to find you (but don’t be blatant about it.)

Write down the call-in numbers of several shows. Keep them next to the phone so you can call in a flash when you hear an opportunity.

Listen to the show to figure out what the main topic is. You won’t want get on the air with your comment about local business if the host is talking about the Middle East.

Call at the beginning of the show. It is easier to get on the air then. As the show goes on, more listeners will become interested and the number of people calling will increase.

Get right to the point. Tell the producer what you want to say on the air. When the host answers, tell her you enjoy the show and make your point quickly. If the show has a guest, ask a question after you make your brief comment.

Don’t give up. You may not get on half the time, but persistence will eventually make you a well-known caller.

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