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How marketers ruined Influencer Marketing

This is a controversial statement: Influencer Marketing has been ruined by greedy marketers. When influencer marketing began thriving for real in 2011 it was revolutionary and a completely different kind of marketing than we were used to. You could actually combined your brand with content people wanted to watch. By having an individual, people trusted enough to follow endorsed your brand was a gold mine and a perfect idea. If it was done with respect for the content. That era is over now – it is very rare that you come across influencer marketing that actually provides real value and not just try to push sales bullshit. It’s only the most respectable brands who actually practice the discipline in its purest form. How did it end up like that? Alongside with our partner, Pengepartner, we are discovering the new age of influencer marketing.

When influencer marketing were a great channel

As mentioned in the beginning, influencer marketing was one of the strongest channels when it was at its peak. When products had a meaningful place in a piece of content, it was the perfect match between a brand and an influencer. But some marketers have out of greed used the channel exploited the marketing channel to push sales bullshit and most influencer marketing efforts today is for sure working, but not in a meaningful way it was used to.

Young fashion blogger / influencer preparing to promote her product on social media.

Even bad and unhealthy products are promoted by Influencers

It is not entirely marketer’s faults that influencer marketing have become just another advertising platform. The influencers themselves also bears some the guilt. It’s mainly influencers who would endorse everything from betting to teeth whitener for money that’s part of the problem. Of course everyone understands that being an influencer is a business like everything else, but that does not mean that moral and responsibility should just be thrown out of the window for pocket money. Do not endorse products you would not use yourself.

A great influencer marketing campaign requires strategic planning

There is still a great load of companies who masters the discipline of influencer marketing. Red Bull, Ideal of Sweden and many other companies are really winning the influencer marketing game. All of these companies who are winning with influencer marketing have certain things in common. They all carefully handpick their influencers and make sure the content is the focus instead of the commercial messages.