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The power of a home equity loan to pay down debt

Households across the country are finding themselves in a similar situation. They lack the financial funds to make the necessary changes to their home and need to find a way to fund upgrades and eliminate debt. A popular way of financing these changes without killing themselves is by taking a home equity loan to pay down their debt.

The Home Equity Loan has become a fast-track way of paying down large credit card debt, financing college education and even taking a vacation. Since the stock market has lost quite a bit of appreciation, people have been purchasing homes as a means of investment, thus sending housing prices through the roof. With higher prices comes a great deal of appreciation in the home. People who have found themselves in 20 – 30 thousand dollars in debt can pay it down by taking a home equity loan. Home Equity Loans have been a source of relief and flexibility to get the homeowner out of debt and moving forward in life.

The home equity tax shelter

The greatest benefit from taking a Home Equity Loan is being able to crush debt, but also reduce the amount you owe the government every year. Most loans by design do not provide any tax relief, whereas a Home Equity Loan provides a direct line item to reduce your debt. To figure out your home equity value you can hire a professional appraiser to come out and tell you how much it is worth to a bank or financial institution. Once you have that figure you can easily find out how much equity you have in your home. For example, should your home appraise for $150,000 and you owe $ 60,000 you have $90,000 in equity. This equity will not become a taxable event should you buy a bigger home and spend more money. Should you step down in your home, you can be penalized for the difference, provided that you have not already taken the one-time exemption allowed by the government.

Debt relief

Once you have found out how much your home is now worth, it is time to apply for the loan. During the loan process you can bring your credit card statements as well as any other debts you may owe to the table. Explain to the loan officer your situation and ask that these debts also be included in the Home Equity Loan. If your home has at least 40% equity in your property you should have no problem getting them dissolved into the loan. There are many reputable lenders who will help you find the right loan for you. The Home Equity Loan will restart the 15 or 30-year clock from day one. Your payment may increase or decrease depending on how much debt you add or cash you take out of the property.