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The real estate market of India is becoming a hot selling property and is attracting the attention of real investors as they are getting huge profits and high returns on their investments. The real estate in India may still be a fragmented industry with high transaction costs and an absence of complete transparency; but it is whetting the appetites of domestic and overseas investors. In India, the world’s second-fastest-growing economy, after China, changing government policies and a focus on infrastructure are driving up the demand for housing developments, malls and offices.

But these days, the country’s $12 billion real estate market is expanding at a 30 percent annual rate. With the economy expected to continue growing rapidly – the rate is about 8 percent – and a swelling middle class with an appetite for quality apartments, modern malls and a variety of stores, the forecasts are rosy. Analysts at Merrill Lynch predict that the real estate market will grow to $90 billion in 10 years.

The participation in acquiring the property in India is no longer game of the rich but now with options of easy loans and payments the middle class has also got the feel to buy property in India. A recent report by the Chamber of Indian Industries pointed out that globally real estate is and should always be considered as an income-generating asset. Indeed, real estate is an attractive investment option, as it gives regular returns and also provides capital appreciation. This scenario is presently unfolding in India.

Why Invest In India

For investors seeking the high returns that are no longer possible in the mature European and North American real estate markets, India and China are hot. India has encouraged Non Resident Indians (NRIs) with tax incentives and relaxation of foreign direct investments (FDI) rules, are moving towards India for investments and are now assured about their investments and high yielding profits. The RBI has relaxed the rules further for NRIs with respect to repatriation of foreign exchange on real estate investments. Besides being a safe destination, India offers 10 to 12 per cent returns, perhaps the highest in the world.

“Every foreign investor group, including pension funds, high-net-worth individuals and private equity funds, are all looking at this sector,” said Mr. Gurbaxani, whose company will invest more than $1 billion in the industry in the next few years.

It is a dream for the NRIS to have a base in their homeland and now all this is very easy for the investor.

The rental rates in India are among the highest in the world as returns on investment on the capital value of the property. Investment in commercial property, where the returns are 10 to 15 per cent, is a proven option, while residential property is always in demand for leasing. Considering the current property rates and housing loan interest rates, it is worth investing in real estate in India.

All these features make the Indian Real Estate a hot selling cake in the open market and leave all its investors with a big smile on their face.

Why Invest in Delhi

Delhi is one of the prominent Real Estate centers of real Estate in India. Delhi is India’s smartest commercial city and a fastest developing commercial centre for people all over the world with the emergence of multinationals coming to the Centre. To invest in any of these commercial properties such as malls, multiplexes. Stores hotels restaurants, theatres or recreational place it is only profit and more profit for the investor. Delhi is the trend setting city for the rest of the country hence a prime location to invest in. . . .

The reason why Delhi is so hot favorite for the real investors is that it has a huge presence of the multinationals and it provides pollution free environment with world class facilities for better living These qualities make Delhi a perfect place to set up BPO’s and Call Centers. Most of the Companies which have relocated themselves here are Hi-Tech software, Call Centers and Multinational Corporate Offices. and is a big industrial center.

It also deals in furnished accommodation, rental services for commercial space, Service apartments, retail space, and builder floors. Delhi offers all variety for commercial and industrial properties and investments in Delhi means nothing more than huge big profits.

A Property that is designated for only homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums is referred to as residential properties and Delhi has ample of all these and much more and it is the dream destination for the real investor.

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