Billions of dollars of grocery coupons up for grabs

Coupon Books Help Consumers Ring Up Big Supermarket Savings

By Maria King

Everyone buys groceries. That’s why everyone has the opportunity to use coupons to slash their grocery bills without sacrificing the foods they enjoy.

But casual coupon collecting often doesn’t save us as much as we think. Consider that $380 billion in grocery and household product coupons are distributed annually, yet only a paltry $3.6 billion are ever cashed in.

Most consumers get coupons by chance, not choice. Saving a few cents or even a few dollars here and there is nice, but it doesn’t make a ding in your budget, much less a dent. Still, Americans love coupons. It’s estimated that nearly five out of six U.S. households use them regularly, up from just over 50 half in the early 1980s.

So what can we do to make our coupon use more organized, bigger, and able to save us tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on purchases? There’s help there, too.

As coupon usage has grown, an industry has emerged to give consumers more bang for their buck. You’ve seen those books packed with coupons for area restaurants? Companies sell grocery coupon books, too. They have certificates shoppers can exchange for coupons worth hundreds of dollars. Books may have more than a thousand name brand coupons to choose from.

The more books you buy, the faster you can use them to reduce your supermarket bill– perhaps by thousands of dollars annually.
Some people have eliminated almost their entire bill! Even if you only trim it by 40 percent the savings are substantial — $80 on a $200 bill.

The lesson from all this is simple but substantial. Look for coupon books that combine a myriad of coupons for products you often use. The savings add up fast.

About the author
Maria King sells Coupon Connection grocery coupon books and its sister product, Supermarket Magic, a two-volume copyrighted program that can help you shave 40 to 100 percent off your grocery bill. Coupon Connection books cost $24.95 ($2 shipping and handling) and offer certificates worth $200. Supermarket Magic includes the coupon book and costs $69.95 ($15 shipping and handling). For more information contact Maria at , or visit or