A guide to global FOREX trading

It’s probably hard for some people to believe, but the global FOREX trading market dwarfs that of equities, even though the former gets little attention and the latter is talked about incessantly on the news.

The daily volume of global FOREX trading now exceeds $2 trillion dollars! To be sure, it is the leader in the competitive field of market exchange. Currently, London holds the title for the world’s largest foreign exchange center, accumulating 30% of the currency business.

Global FOREX trading is exciting for many reasons.

First, the markets are almost always open. One can trade 24/7 as currencies fluctuate all day and night. Compare that to equities where one can only effectively trade during market hours when the stock exchanges are open.

Second, the potential leverage in global FOREX trading is astounding.

In stock trading, one either trades with money they have or, at best, can open a margin account and trade with double leverage. A margin account funded with, for example, $25,000 can control $50,000 dollars worth of equity positions.

Now contrast that with global FOREX trading in which one can often obtain leverage of 20 times, 50 times, and even 100 times one’s original capital.

For example, it’s not uncommon to be able to open an account at an online FOREX brokerage with $5,000 and be able to control position sizes of $200,000 or more. (In FOREX, trading is realized in lots. 1 Lot = 100,000).

Think about that! If you funded an account with a mere $10,000 dollars you could control $500,000 worth of positions (10 lots). If your positions moved favorably giving you only a 5% gain you would be in profit $25,000 dollars. From an only $10,000 dollar initial capital!

Clearly the immense leverage in global FOREX trading is what lures a lot of players into the game. However, leverage can cut both ways and it’s possible to get wiped out just as fast as one can make a veritable fortune.

Because such large sums of money can be made playing the FOREX markets, hobbyists and full time currency traders are quickly increasing in numbers.

For both amateur and pro alike, getting quality FOREX analysis of the markets — both fundamental and techical — is extremely important.

And for people who have yet to learn how to FOREX trade, taking an online course is paramount to get them off to a proper start.

Indeed, it can make the difference between being successful and getting wiped out, although there is no guarantee that even the best newsletter analysis service or FOREX training course will guarantee you profits or guard you against losses.

That’s why global FOREX trading is considered a highly speculative endeavor.

The people who do best at it will be methodical, have strong control over their impulses and emotions, are analytical to a fault, and are all around disciplined individuals.

Ever since the speculator George Soros of the Quantum Hedge Fund realized a profit of over $1 billion dollars in a few short days by shorting the British pound in 1992, market players have become more and more drawn to the exciting game of global FOREX trading.

Make no mistake about it, FOREX trading will continue to grow over the years, especially with the advent of online FOREX brokerages that allow people to trade from the comfort of their own home office all night.

Dan Ho is an investor, trader, and speculator who enjoys studying economics, technical analysis and the markets. He has traded equities, options, and currencies.

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