Top tips for getting more customers by using the telephone

Having a hard time getting people to buy after you send them an email? Are you starting to figure that people aren’t even reading your emails?

Don’t give up. Give them a phone call. The one trend I’m noticing a lot these days is that successful business people have gone back to using the telephone to bring home sales.

Here’s why. While upward of 90 percent of email messages get deleted, most people will listen to someone calling. Even if all you get is their voice mail, a phone call can have quite an impact.

Even for regular telemarketing calls, more than half of people don’t hang up when a sales person calls. The success rate is far, far higher if you’re calling someone who has already expressed an interest in what you are selling.

Here are some top tips for making a good sales call:

  1. Don’t read from a script. Even if you’re very good at it, most people can tell your words are scripted. That’s a big turn-off.
  2. Jot down a few “talking points” you can use to keep your message on track. Even better, memorize them. Studies show that is the most effective way to do it.
  3. Keep your sentences short. Get right to the point. Speak up and sound friendly, but confident.
  4. Use words and phrases that come naturally. Try not to use industry jargon your prospect might not understand.

I once knew a man who claimed he closed more than 90 percent of all telephone sales. I believe it. His strategy was simple. He would simply talk with the prospect, establishing a friendly relationship. Toward the end of the conversation he would ask the prospect if he could take their order. Almost always the prospect would say yes.

When you ask for the sale, pause and wait for the prospect to answer. Say, “Our price is $300, can I take your order?” Pause. Don’t say another word, even though there could be an uncomfortable silence on the other end. This puts the ball in your prospect’s court, and you are far more likely to get what you want.

What happens when the prospect raises an objection? She says, “We’ve already to decided to buy from someone else.” Look at this an opportunity to get to the root of your prospect’s hesitation. You might counter with, “So you feel there is no way we can improve on the price, quality, or service? Is there anything you would like to be done better, or at a cheaper price?” You never know–you might still get the sale after an initial objection.

Don’t let rejection get you down. It’s going to happen and happen often. It’s simply part of doing business. Just realize that you are going to sell only to a percentage of the people you call. You have to work through that percentage who reject your offer before you can get to the percentage who accept.

These days when email is filled with junk messages and dangerous viruses, use the good ol’ telephone to get your sales where you want them to be.

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