Get on your local TV news

If your business is promoting and getting attention in your community, your chance to be appear on TV news may be just around the corner.

Local TV news is often rated as the most powerful form of media currently available. People notice and trust what they see on local news.

Stage a visual event or get involved in an important community cause or controversy. Call your favorite station’s newsroom and give them the details the day before you stage your event. Call again to remind them the day of the event.

Avoid calling one hour before the newscast or during the newscast. This is deadline crunch time.

Make sure someone who knows what they’re talking about is there to represent your business when the cameras arrive. Try not to appear distracting. Big hair, giant jewelry, and loud shirts may give the audience an instant impression of you that isn’t accurate.

TV will only air a short “bite” of what you have to say. Practice distilling your most important point down to just a few seconds. Have your sound bite ready. Anticipate the questions a reporter is likely to ask and have answers ready.

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