Promote Your Business

Get free promotion through your industry trade publication, newsletter, or web site

Will you get more response from an article in Business Week or a blurb in an industry newsletter? Many people who have experienced both say they get far better response from being mentioned in their industry trade publication, ezine, or web site.

Industry publications are targeted very closely to just the kind of people that want to buy from you. Mass media tends to reach a far broader audience. Your message can be wasted on a great many people who simply aren’t interested in your subject or business.

Big mass media generally won’t provide much information about how to contact you, background on your business, or details on your products or services. Trade publications tend to give you a lot more promotion.

Of ten the topic or product you want to promote is insignificant to a big general audience but of great importance to people in your industry. Your improvement to the E121 Printing Press won’t create a ripple with your local TV station but can be front page headlines in Printing Industry Update.

Industries tend to have one to three magazines, newsletters, journals or websites that just about everyone in their business is familiar with. Call or email a half dozen people in the industry. Ask them which industry publications they read regularly.

Send your press release with a photo that helps tell your story. Be sure to include phone numbers and email address where you can be contacted at any time. Editors may have additional questions or need more information for a longer article.

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