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Get features on local news without spending a dime

Your local TV news is one of the most trusted, most heeded voices in the media today. The vast majority of us lie in bed or sit on the couch every night to watch the local news before going to bed. And you can use the popularity of your local news stations to get business. It may seem like a hard thing to do, but it’s easier than you think; and the potential payoff is huge.

Imagineā€¦a local veteran news anchor that everyone in town is familiar with turns to the camera and mentions your name on TV. Then, he even cuts to a video of a promotion at your store or an interview with you. A simple mention of your business on your local news can do wonders for your bottom line. But how do you get yourself on TV?

In many cases, the story may not sound interesting or be interesting, but if it LOOKS interesting, it can get on TV. Even a mindlessly goofy event, if it LOOKS fun, can get terrific news coverage.

Plan to do something silly, outrageous, or downright nuts. Hold a pie eating contest where the contestants have to eat with tongue depressors. Stand on a corner in a lobster costume and hand out balloons. Anything that will get you noticed could get you on TV.

Before you stage your event, send an announcement to your local stations. Be sure to be specific about what you’re doing, where, and when.

You could even try pulling your stunt right outside the station’s building or at some other event you already know will be covered. Then watch as your visual stunt is covered by local stations, and enjoy the resulting boost in business.


If you can associate your product, service, or idea with a topic that the news already wants to cover, you can borrow from their publicity to get some of your own.

Anything political or dealing with hot community topics or problems is covered. Local or national celebrities always get camera time. Health news is big these days, especially the diet and low-carb craze. If you can point out with a press release how your business is related to one of these things, you’re in. For example, perhaps your business get involved in a community service program that will be newsworthy. Or, you could get involved in a local campaign to fight heart disease or diabetes.

In short, getting noticed by your local stations can get you massive local business. And getting on local TV these days isn’t as hard as you probably think. Do something crazy, or help out with a well-known community issue or cause: you’ll get the coverage you deserve.

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