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Full-color postcards

Postcards are the direct marketer’s ace in the hole. They are cheaper to send than regular letters and people can read them without having to open an envelope (a HUGE advantage).

Many printing firms who specialize in postcards offer full-color cards for $100 per 1,000. Full-color cards practically jump out of the stack of mail at prospects. You know how you reach first for the full-color postcard of an exotic location sent by a vacationing relative? Your cards can work with the same attention getting power.

Many experienced direct mail marketers say full-color postcard campaigns get them as much as double the response over a sales letter and at HALF the price.

Try to have your photo or graphic help tease the message on the back. Use a headline to deliver your main offer. Include a time limit to increase response. One smart marketer takes photos on vacations and puts them on postcards for a monthly send to customers.

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