Credit Cards

Free credit card

Applying for a free credit card is becoming easier and easier with credit card providers competing with each other for customers. Most credit cards currently do not have any setup fees. Many companies are even offering incentives to get people to sign up for their credit cards.

For a free credit card you have to take into account all hidden expenses and fees. You can find credit cards that offer no annual fees, however an annual fee may be worth it if the card has a significantly reduced APR. The fees and the APR are important because you do not want your credit card to become too costly.

Many credit cards offer a 0% introductory rate. This period can vary depending of the company for example it can last 4 months or 12 months. During this period you can use your free credit card without having to worry about interest on your balance. Be aware of additional fees such as an annual fee.

When you have selected your free credit card, you can send in an application either through the mail or directly online. Your application will be reviewed and if it is accepted you will receive your card in the mail in about two weeks time.

Getting a free credit card has become easier even for students and people bad or no credit. However it is important to use a free credit card wisely as carrying a balance with interest accumulating on it can lead anyone to financial troubles and a ruined credit history.

Student credit card

Besides free credit cards, some services even provide free credit card terminals for merchants. If your online or onsite business needs a credit card payment acceptance solution, many providers will set you up with a free account and even provide free equipment. Thus your business will be processing credit card payments in no time and you will be raking in more profits. However it is important to be aware of continuing fees on the merchant account services such as fixed monthly fees or a percentage fee on the amount of transactions going through the system.