Debt Elimination

Finding a credit counselor you can trust

One of the most important decisions faced by those with financial difficulties is finding a competent and honest debt counselor to help them. There are many fine firms in the debt counseling business, and most are honest and forthright with their customers. The handful of bad firms, however, has served to sully the reputation of the entire industry.

Luckily for consumers, the honest credit counselors are fighting back against these shady operators and helping to put them out of business. While this will help consumers in the future, for the time being it is important to do your research and make sure the firm you hire can deliver what it promises.

One of the most important, although unscientific, measures of a credit counselor?s honesty is the vibe you get when you visit. Does the firm seem like a happy, friendly place or do the workers seem drone like and unexcited about their jobs. You can actually tell quite a bit about the quality of a company by the attitude of their workforce. A poorly managed and uninspired company will generally have similarly uninspired workers.

On the other hand, a well managed company will generally have eager, happy employees who are focused on providing the best in customer service. While this is not true in every case, wouldn?t you rather work with employees who like their jobs? After all, these are the people you will be working with to restore your credit. If the credit counseling service does not feel right, look elsewhere.

The credit counseling firm?s reputation with local industry groups is another important factor in determining their quality and dependability. A firm with an interest in the local community will likely be a member of one or more industry groups, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or similar organization. If the firm claims such an affiliation, be sure to verify their membership.

Another good place to turn when searching for a credit counselor is to family members and friends. Many people have friends or family members who have gone through credit counseling, and these people can often offer the best advice on what to look for ? and what to avoid, as well as recommendations for specific firms.

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