Filing for a patent

How many times does this scenario happen: You have a great idea. You think you can make millions. You tell all your family and friends about it. The next thing you know, your great idea is being broadcasted on infomercials and some other guy is making millions off of your idea. In order to prevent this all-too-common situation, the answer is to obtain a patent immediately for your brilliant brain child.

A patent is the right to an invention that prevents others from inventing, copying, importing or selling your idea. A patent can be obtained through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The idea must be new and non-obvious in order to obtain the patent. EFS stands for electronic filing system and is the USPTO’s website for online patent application. The process is fairly simple and the website walks you through each step of the form. Some people choose to hire an attorney to help with the paperwork involved in obtaining a patent, however the website is easily navigable and understandable for most people. Most patents, with the exception of plant patents, can be obtained here.

Utility patent

The first step is to understand what type of patent you need. Utility patents protect new processes machines and compositions. Design patents protect original ideas for ornamental designs. Plant patents protect new plant species that you discover or create. Once you know what type of patent your invention requires, all you need to do is simply visit the website to procure the safety of your invention for twenty years, in addition to the filing time. Once this procedure is taken care off you are completely protected. No one can copy an invention that is in the process of being patented or that has a patent.