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Direct mail – A thing of the past?

For many Realtors, direct mail is a staple of their to-do lists. Holiday cards, promotional giveaways, just sold cards, new listing brochures, farming neighborhoods, and many more things get mailed every day by Realtors expanding their businesses. However, the National Association of Realtors recently released a study showing that 77 percent of buyers begin their home search online. Most Realtors would take this to mean that their website is now their most important tool to generate leads. So, what place, if any, does direct mailing still have with today’s Realtors?

Price is Certainly a Factor

Compared to website maintenance, web ads, and email, direct mailing can be very expensive. In order to keep your name at the top of buyers’ and sellers’ minds, you need to mail frequently, as many as two or three times a month. Postage prices continually rise, and even the price of a postcard stamp seems oppressive when compared to sending off a quick email.

The cost of producing quality direct mail is steep not only in terms of dollars, but also in terms of time. Think of the hours you spend proofreading, designing, ordering, stamping, and addressing. Is it worth it? There are so many Realtors fighting over the same turf that many Realtors are increasing their farm areas and adding new territory. That budget just keeps going up.

How Is Direct Mailing Working For You?

A simple analysis of your return on investment will show if your direct mailings are still working for you. Do many of your leads mention that they received your postcards? Do former clients remark on your holiday cards and continue to send you leads? Do you feel that you have ample time to explore all marketing opportunities available and that you’re not bogged down with mailing activities?

If you answered yes to these questions, there’s no sense in changing a plan that works. However, always remember to do your research. If 19 of your last 20 leads found you through your website, maybe direct mail can be phased out of your marketing plan.

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