Customers want it NOW!

It took Internet businesses to figure it out: one of the main reasons people buy at local stores is they can have the product NOW.

There is no waiting. You walk out the door with your Gizmo 2000 and start using it immediately. And you don’t care if you had to pay a higher price, state tax, and drove 40 minutes to get to the store.

If you own a business with a physical location, stress this immediacy in your advertising.

Meanwhile, Internet businesses are doing everything they can to boost their ability to deliver quickly. One of the reasons several large online firms did not show bigger profits last year was they were investing in this important lesson.

They were busy delivering products faster at no extra charge. habitually upgrades all orders to Priority Mail.

I find that many packages can be sent Priority Mail for the same price as slower First Class.

You can also give the image of quick delivery by immediately emailing a report that relates to the product.

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