Debt Elimination

How a credit card counselor can trim your credit card debt

Credit card debt is one of those things that can sneak up on you when you least expect it. High levels of credit card debt can start through no fault of your own, say using a credit card to pay for an unexpected car or home repair. Once a large balance has accumulated on a credit card, however, it is often difficult to pay off, and it is all too easy for that debt to get out of control.

That is why the credit counseling industry is such an important one for many consumers. The key thing to remember about credit counselors is that they know how to talk to the banks and credit card companies. They understand the terms and the language used by these businesses, and the best credit counselors know how to get results that most consumers would be unable to get on their own.

One of the most valuable services credit counselors perform is getting the banks and credit card companies to reduce the interest rate on your outstanding credit card balance. Simply lowering the interest rate a few percentage points can make the payments on the credit card balance much more affordable, and help the entire balance get paid off a lot sooner. In some cases, credit counseling services are even able to convince the bank or credit card company to eliminate the interest rate altogether, although this is generally a tougher sell.

Another skill the credit counseling service can provide is convincing the credit card company or bank to waive or eliminate certain fees. These fees, usually in the form of over the limit fees, late payment fees, etc., can really add up and make the credit card balance even more unmanageable. By eliminating these fees, the credit counseling service can help consumers get a handle on their debt without declaring bankruptcy or taking other drastic measures.

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