Credit Cards

Completing credit card applications

You can fill out credit card applications for different types of credit cards. You can get Visa, Discovery, American Express, MasterCard and many other types of cards to fill your needs. The credit card applications you fill out should reflect your credit needs, such as applications for student cards, reward cards, etc.

You can either mail in credit card applications or fill one online. Online credit card applications are a convenient substitute to filling out applications by hand and mailing them in.

When filling out credit card applications you will need to disclose some personal information to the credit companies. The application may ask for general information such as your name, phone number and address. When filling out credit card applications in the United States, you will need a Social Security number. You must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident to apply.

You will also need to supply information about your finances on your credit card applications. You will need to state your occupation and the source of your current income. You may also need to account for some of your current debts so the credit company can judge the amount of money coming in and going out of your bank account.

After a company receives credit card applications from you, it will begin the process of researching your claims and approving or denying your request for a credit card. The company will carry out a background search on your credit history by viewing a copy of your credit report. They will be able to request a copy of your credit report from a credit reporting bureau.

Credit report, credit card statement, and calculator on a table

Your credit report contains the information that can allow credit card companies and lenders to judge whether you are an acceptable credit risk. They will see whether you have been guilty of making any late payments on your bills or debts and how often. The information on a credit report will decide whether credit card applications are approved or dismissed.

The company will also judge from credit card applications whether your income is greater than your expenses. They will take into account your current debts. This will allow them to judge whether you will be able to make payments to them or you will only accumulate debts. They want to reduce as much as possible the number of clients who declare bankruptcy and leave the credit companies with unpaid debts.

Credit card companies will be able to view your Fico score once they get your credit report. The Fico score is a nice convenient number that can help them decide whether you have bad, average or good credit, without going through your whole financial history. Fico scores will greatly determine whether credit card applications are approved or rejected. Credit card companies prefer the Fico score as it can expedite the processing of credit card applications. This is all the more reason to maintain a good credit history.

Be careful of which credit cards you apply. When people check your credit report, a few points are usually deducted from your credit score. So apply for credit and loans wisely. You may get many credit card applications in the mail with great sounding offers and even claims of pre-approval whether you have good credit or bad. Once you get to college, the credit card company’s mass mailing system goes to work and your mail is flooded. Picking out the right card credit applications to fill from all those offers can be a tough and challenging task.