Choosing a name

This time of year lots of people start new businesses. One of the most important decisions you will make about your project will come right at the beginning when you choose a name.

Your business name should be something that focuses on what you do, but doesn’t limit you from expanding later on.

If you open a bookstore and call it “Smith’s Business Books,” that will work fine until you decide to add mystery books.

Your business name should be easy to spell. When I was a kid my dad had a business with the word “aerial” in it.

Empty business cards on a table.

For 40 years he was frustrated that many people couldn’t spell it (and I must admit, I had to use the spell checker to make sure I got it right just then).

Make sure your new name doesn’t have a negative meaning for some people. “Cheap” isn’t a good name for a wine store but might work for school supplies. I’ve learned people don’t want web copy that we wrote in a “rush” even though that word is tops for a delivery firm.

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