Build a great team

The economy is supposed to be rebounding, and I see plenty of signs that it is. But there are still a whole lot of folks who don’t have a job, or could really use a better one.

That’s a big opportunity for small businesses. Even if your budget is tight, you can probably afford to hire a part-time person to ably handle some important parts of your business.

The days of part-timers being unskilled general workers are over.
Now days you can get any skill level, educational level, or level of experience from a worker who freelances or needs some extra part-time hours.

Try to keep employees for the long haul. It’s hard to get a team feeling when workers are coming and going. Longtime employees develop relationships that lead to higher productivity.

Give people more responsibility. Scientists tell us people with responsibility have lower stress levels and are happier at work.
The number two reason people get bored and stressed with a job is they aren’t given enough responsibility. The number one reason is the boss isn’t clear about what is expected.

Help employees improve. Provide friendly tips and helpful training whenever you can.

Finally, MARKET your great team. Let customers know you have fine employees who can give them super service. Nothing impresses customers more.

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