Be quiet and listen!

It is ironic that in the field of sales most of us learn to speak in order to gain commitment. Often, that is the worst thing a sales professional can do. It is better to listen much more than you talk.

Before you can listen, you need to learn how to ask a question.
Your questions should be open ended to start a conversation.
In other words, avoid questions that can be answered yes or no.

Think about what you will ask beforehand. Ask about competitors, past purchases, and other important issues. You may want to make a list of your questions and keep a copy with you.

Make sure you pause as you ask each question so you are clearly understood. If you are confused by a reply, you might want to paraphrase what was said so you are able to understand the issue in your own words.

Selling demands much time and effort. However, by learning the basic skills of listening and asking questions, you can become very successful.

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