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Are organic Facebook posts dead in 2019?

One of the most asked questions over the years has been if it is still worth to manage and maintain a Facebook page for businesses. Especially since Facebook has changed their algorithm on multiple occasions and nowadays organic reach is really hard to get. In this article we therefore delve into the world of the most dominant social media in the world to try answers, whether you should allocate time and resources to produce content for your page in 2019. The article is brought in collaboration with and will contain three main areas of research. First of all we discuss why Facebook has become such a pay-to-win machine and why you should consider spending money on paid ads. Next we will discuss why some organic posts still gains a lot of traction and how you can do that in your own work. Lastly we discuss whethe your company should spent time on facebook at all and debates the topic of Business to Consumer vs. Business to Business ads on Facebook.

Social Media is a “Pay-to-win”-game these days

Organic Facebook posts was declared dead by a lot of marketers, when Facebook updated their algorithm in 2018. And that’s partly true – it has become much much harder to reach pre-2018 levels of reach and engagement on Facebook. If you want to make sure, that you get as much reach as possible – you should atleast invest some money into paid ads on Facebook. This way you are guaranteed a minimum reach to people and therefore this may be your only option if your organic posts does not seem to work. Social media for businesses nowadays is really a pay to win game, so you want to make sure that you maximize your reaching potential.

Great content is rewarded with interactions

Focusing on producing valuable content is key when it comes to organic Facebooks posts. Great content that are fun, interactive or thoughtful is usually rewarded by users with alot of interactions and therefore also reach. It is obviously easier to produce organic reach if you have something visually pleasing – like if you are doing posts for a Zoo or a traveling agency. If you are doing public affairs or selling waterpumps it can be really hard to reach out to a lot of people. Remember though, that reach is not everything – it is the quality of those you reach, which are relevant. People that are willing to listen to you and ultimately buy your product.

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B2B vs. B2C ads on Facebook

It also matters whether you are selling products to consumers or to businesses. If you are selling products to consumers you may experience higher reach than if you are selling to businesses. If you are selling to business you might want to try out Facebook ads, but if you want real results you should switch to LinkedIn. Even organic posts gain massive reach on the social media an numerous companies are having great success by using LinkedIn as a marketing channel.