Need an affordable way to improve sales? Landscape!

Every business large and small wants to boost sales. Usually we look to advertising and personnel to do the trick. But changing the way your business looks and feels can have an immediate impact.

Dave Thomas, the founder of the Wendy’s restaurant chain, used to say the first thing every owner should do is paint the walls. His long experience told him new paint picked up employee morale. Customers instantly noticed the difference. They came more often and ordered more.

Adding professional landscaping to your property can make an even bigger difference. When customers and prospects come to your office or home business, they will immediately sense your professionalism and warmth.

Here are several ways to quickly improve the look of your property:

  1. The hottest trend these days is to install what landscape designers call water features. These can range from ponds, to waterfalls, to enchanting water gardens and more. Water has a natural calming effect for most people. And modern design techniques can make a water feature environmentally friendly and water efficient.
  2. Replace concrete walkways and driveways with interlocking pavement or cobblestone. It gives the walk to your door an old world feeling of quality and trust.
  3. Add an unusual tree, shrub, or stonescape. A landscape designer who has access to wide selection and knowledge can help you choose something that gives your area just the right look and feel.
Water features

Landscaping can also reduce vandalism and improve property value. On average, a home or business can sell for $10,000 to $20,000 more when professional landscaping is added.

But even more valuable, quality landscaping makes people feel good. You get better work from employees, more visits and sales from customers, and, perhaps best of all, you enjoy your business more. When the owner feels good coming to work, things just automatically start looking up.

About the author
Mario Gorjon is co-founder of Green Angels Landscaping in Columbia, Maryland. He uses a computer to show customers how their home or business will look with various landscaping options. His team of designers, horticulture expert, and engineer then create and build a wide variety of stone, water, and plant landscapes. See his site at Reach him at 410-772-8300 or 301 596-1947 email: