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Can the average guy really achieve the millionaire lifestyle – Truth or myth?

I see lots of people who just don’t ‘get-it’!

They’ve read all the books, visited all of the Websites, downloaded the pdf’s, e-books etc, etc.

And they’ve bought this and that course, attended this seminar, watched those training video’s etc, etc.

Their bookshelves are groaning under the sheer weight, and their eyeballs are suffering from snow blindness, from their PCs monitor and all that white paper.

But still they’ve been unable to make a success, from either existing opportunities, or projects of their own.

So why is that do you think ?

If you’re one of those people, then stop for a minute !
And think really really hard, about why that is.

Here’s my observations…

Most of these people ‘know’ what to do !

Over the years they’ve keenly absorbed so much information, but just like a scene out of Alien, now their minds seem so overloaded, and they feel like all this info is trying to burst free.

Now there’s a messy thought ;>)

But seriously, for some strange reason, they just don’t get-it !

The number of times I’ve heard people say something like…

I’ve looked at that idea, what a scam, that will never work…
All these biz-opps are a complete waste of time…
Or some such derogatory complaint.

And when I ask: ‘Did you try it out ?’

Typically they’ll reply: ‘hell no, it’s to complicated’ or ‘it needs an investment of $200’ or ‘they expect me to do a mail-out’ or ‘deliver leaflets door-to-door’ or ‘speak to folk on the phone’ etc., etc., etc.

So what are you looking for ?

Most people will never find a successful project, because quite simply, they just don’t know what it is they’re looking for.

It’s a bit like setting out on a car journey, without a clue where you’re going, and then getting upset because you didn’t get there !

A mystery tour’s fine, if that’s what you really want, but not if you’re expecting (or desperately need) a definite, predictable, and positive outcome.

So often I ask: ‘What are you looking for ?’
Answer: ‘Don’t know, but I’ll know it when I see it !’

It seems to me that many are looking for the holly-grail of businesses, that all elusive opportunity that will knock them off their feet, in a whirlwind of enthusiasm, catapulting them into some magical profitable place.

Reality check:
It ain’t going to happen !

OK, very occasionally miracles do happen, you just happen to be in the right place, and at just the right time…

But that’s a millions to one chance, akin to winning the lottery, and the reality to that, is that everyone looses the lottery every week, accept for that lucky sole with the winning ticket, and even then, there can be many weeks with no winners at all !

So do you want to live your life like this, week in, week out, knowing deep-down that you’re always going to be one of those losers ?

Wouldn’t you much rather know that you will be a winner every week ?

Well that can only happen if you have a plan, a plan that you have personally and meticulous developed, and one that you follow religiously, day-in, day-out.

It has to be YOUR plan !

Creating and setting-up a new successful business is a full-time job, which generally takes much more hard work and dedication than working for someone else in a regular job.

And it often means spending enormous amounts of unpaid time to develop and get right, but if you make the right choices in the beginning, then the eventual financial rewards, and improved lifestyle, can be well worth the initial effort.

It’s not rocket science.
The key to having your own successful business, that’s truly in tune with the kind of lifestyle you really want to live, is to create the right kind of business plan in the first place.

Now I know that the mere mention of those words ‘business plan’ brings some people out in a cold feverish sweat, and others with contempt, but whatever your reaction, try thinking of it as a ‘lifestyle plan’ because that’s what it really is.

And the more detailed and accurate your lifestyle plan is in the beginning, the better your chances of creating or finding a business that fits closer to your desired lifestyle.

So stop messing about:
Because if you genuinely want to break free of that JOB (just over broke) once and for all, take some personal time to think long and hard about just how you would really like to live, and then think of as many ways that you may be able to achieve it.

Next, draw up your business plan, ooh sorry! Lifestyle Plan…

Start by listing the things your good at – and then the things your bad at.

Then create a checklist:
· Of the things you would do.
· The things you may do.
· And the things you definitely won’t do.

Then when your evaluating opportunities, you’ll be able to quickly eliminate 99% of them, simply by comparing your checklist to the type of opportunities on offer.

And with persistent use, you’ll soon find this becomes an automatic process, where you’ll be able to eliminate unsuitable opps’ at a glance…

But most amazingly of all, you‘ll start to find it remarkably easy to think-up and create worthwhile ideas of your own from scratch.

You will see opportunity everywhere you look, watching the TV, reading the newspapers and magazines, overheard conversations, even in other people’s everyday problems.

And that skill, is the crucial key to both your initial, and long-term success, which I will explore in future articles.

So if you’re serious about your future, stop looking for a ‘quick-fix’ and take control of your life, right now.

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